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Rental Property Marketing Mistakes

System - Thursday, February 1, 2024
Property Management Blog

In a highly competitive real estate market, a strategic advertising campaign can go a long way. Advertising your rental will not only help you find high-quality tenants but also improve your reputation as a landlord and maximize your returns. 

At SGI Property Management Dallas we know how valuable your time is. That’s why we’ve written this comprehensive guide on rental property marketing. Keep reading to learn the major mistakes you should avoid when advertising a rental property in Dallas!

The Importance of Rental Property Marketing

Effective rental property marketing goes beyond merely listing your property online. It's about presenting your property in the best possible light to compel prospective tenants to choose your rental over others. Doing this correctly will have the following benefits:

  1. Reduced Vacancy Rates: By employing effective marketing strategies, you can minimize vacancy periods, resulting in a steady stream of rental income.

  1. Attracting Quality Tenants: With effective marketing, you will attract a wider pool of applicants. This will increase your chances of finding responsible, reliable tenants who pay rent on time and take good care of the property.

  1. Increased Profitability: Well-marketed properties tend to attract more potential renters, leading to higher rental rates and fewer vacancies which ultimately increased your profit.


  1. Improved Reputation: Consistent and appealing marketing efforts contribute to building a positive reputation as a landlord. Over time, this can lead to word-of-mouth referrals and long-term tenant relationships.

  1. Higher Tenant Retention: A good rental marketing campaign can help you attract reliable tenants. This can significantly increase the chances of long-term tenants, reducing turnover costs. 

Common Rental Property Marketing Mistakes Landlords Make

Planning a rental property marketing campaign can be challenging. To help you avoid this, we’ve created a list of the most common marketing mistakes landlords make. Keep reading to learn what not to do when advertising your rental!

Neglecting Online Listings

Nowadays, most renters look for a new rental place online. If you rely solely on traditional methods of advertising, overlooking online listings, you’ll have a harder time attracting tenants. 

While traditional methods can still help you advertise your property, posting a listing on popular rental websites and platforms will help you reach a broader audience in a short period of time.

Not Investing in Quality Photography

When browning real estate websites, renters tend to ignore listings without pictures. After all, the lack of images or low-quality photos is typically associated with rental scams. If you want your listing to be successful, you should invest in quality photography.


While hiring a professional is highly recommended, it’s not strictly necessary. You can take great pictures of your property with your smartphone and good lighting. Just make sure to stage each picture to ensure you’re showcasing the best qualities of your rental and its curb appeal!

Not Using Social Media

Social media can be a powerful marketing channel for your property. You can advertise your listing on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn to increase its visibility. Moreover, creating a social media profile can help you build your reputation as a landlord. 

Charging Too Much for Rent

Setting an unrealistic rental price can drive prospective tenants away, resulting in prolonged vacancy periods. On the other hand, charging too little for rent can also make tenants believe that your listing is a scam. 

That’s why you must conduct thorough market research to set competitive rental rates before listing your property for rent.

Poor Communication

Timely and clear communication with potential tenants can go a long way in filling your vacancies quickly. Failing to respond promptly to inquiries or provide accurate information can lead to many missed opportunities.

Neglecting Maintenance and Repairs

Neglecting necessary maintenance or repairs before marketing the property can deter prospective tenants from renting your property. Moreover, this can negatively affect your reputation as a landlord.

Inflexible Showing Schedules

Limited availability for property showings can inconvenience potential tenants, leading them to explore other options. That’s why it’s better to offer flexible viewing schedules or even online showings. 


By accommodating the needs of interested applicants, you can significantly increase your chances of leasing your property quickly.

Ignoring Tenant Feedback

It is important to get feedback regarding your property to make informed decisions for your property. By listening to tenant concerns and addressing issues promptly, you can make your property more attractive to prospective renters.

Using Limited Marketing Channels

Relying only on one or two marketing channels will limit the exposure your property will get. This means that you’ll only be able to reach a limited number of prospective tenants. By diversifying your marketing efforts across various channels, you’ll maximize your property’s visibility.

Not Using Referral Programs

Overlooking the potential of referral programs to attract new tenants is a missed opportunity many landlords overlook. By offering incentives to current tenants for referring qualified applicants you can increase your chances of finding reliable, long-term tenants with little to no work.

Bottom Line

Effective rental property marketing is a critical aspect of successful property management. Common marketing mistakes landlords make include neglecting online listings, not using social media to their favor, and failing to highlight their property’s selling points. 

By avoiding these mistakes, you can attract quality tenants and achieve an optimal return on your investment.

Need help advertising your Dallas rental property? Contact SGI Property Management Dallas today! Our team can help you with anything from creating the perfect listing to conducting property showings.