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Being a landlord can be financially rewarding, but to run a successful rental property, Richardson property owners need time, effort, property management skills and experience. 

At SGI Property Management Dallas, we can help ensure that your Richardson property continues to provide a consistent passive income for many years to come. We are a full-service property management company and managing properties for Richardson TX property owners is our specialty. 

As a leading property management business, our team helps Richardson landlords find a quality renter, assist in leasing, manage and care for your Richardson TX rental homes, collect rent from your tenant, track your financials, and more.  

We have the team and systems to support all your property management needs. Currently, we manage over 500 properties spread all over Dallas and its surrounding areas. 

SGI Property Management Dallas is a property management company and an active member of several property management oriented real estate organizations including NARPM, BBB, Equal Housing Opportunity, Phoenix Association of Realtors, and South East Valley Regional Association of Realtors. 

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Our Property Management Services

You are probably wondering what makes our team stand out from our competition as a property management business in Richardson TX's real estate market.

For one, our property managers are all trained, certified and licensed. This ensures that property owners with Richardson properties are saved hassle and are attended to professionally in all aspects of property management. 

Two, property management is all we do. Every. Single. Day. This ensures that our knowledge of property management and the Richardson TX local market is always fresh and that our property managers skills are honed and accessible.  

Finally, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose by working with our property managers. We have our Richardson TX clients' best interest in mind and offer all our clients a whopping 4 guarantees for investors accessing our property management services. That is, the guarantee to:

  1. Rent your home fast
  2. Rent to quality tenants
  3. Refund if you are unhappy
  4. A zero-fee cancellation policy

So, what are you still waiting for? Give us a call TODAY and start enjoying your passive income while our property managers take care of all your Richardson TX investment property management needs. You can get in touch with us by dialing 972-746-4557. 

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If you want your Richardson property managed by the best, check out the following services we offer when managing rental properties!

1. Property Marketing

A vacancy is every Dallas landlord’s worst nightmare because every day your rental property remains vacant, you lose money. 

If you’re struggling to fill your rental properties' vacancies and reduce expenses related to vacancies, SGI Property Management Dallas can help. We’ll analyze your property and come up with an effective marketing solution. 

Our goal is to expose your property to as many prospective renters as possible through quality rental ads. 

2. Tenant Screening

At SGI Property Management Dallas, we understand that filling your units with quality TX renters is crucial. Our screening process is thorough and aims to land residents for your Texas investment property who will pay their rent on time and who won’t cause property damage.

Our screening process is highly efficient and spots potential problem TX renters. Our procedure verifies the following: 

  • How much income the prospective renter earns every month.
  • If a potential renter has a stable employment. 
  • The prospective tenant’s references.
  • If the renter caused any troubles at their previous residence.
  • The reason the renter is looking to move.
  • If they have a criminal past.

We only lease to tenants after they undergo this extensive screening process. 

It also goes without saying that our screening process is free from any form of discrimination based on protected characteristics. All our staff is knowledgeable of the Texas Fair Housing rules and follow them well. 

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3. Rent Price Determination

Are you wondering how much rent you should charge your tenants? Worry no more, as SGI Property Management Dallas can help. 

The amount of rent you charge can make or break your investment’s success. Overpricing your Richardson property will make it undesirable to prospective tenants. 

Remember, before a person leases a Texas property, they will usually compare it to a dozen other similar rentals. As a result, no tenant will lease a Texas property that is overpriced compared to other similar options. 

That said, underpricing is also not a good option. It may mean getting your vacancy filled quickly which will seem like a good deal as you'll save on advertising, but it also means leaving money on the table. 

SGI Property Management Dallas can help you determine the best rate to charge your tenants. What's more, we’ll do this for you for FREE. 

4. Property Maintenance

Are you looking to hire someone that can care for your rental unit or suite like they would their own? If so, look no further than SGI Property Management Dallas. 

Our maintenance crew is reliable and professional. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they can respond and complete tenant maintenance and repairs requests quickly. Their ample accessibility also help us carry out regular inspections on site which helps keep tenants happy and helps keep your property’s value high. 

5. Rent Collection

We understand that consistent rental income is key to long-term success for investors. For this reason, we have policies in place to make sure you get paid on time, every time. 

By working with us, you can expect that we'll focus on rent collection so you’ll no longer have to worry about your income not showing up in your bank account. 

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